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38 Special


38 Special

Фотография  38 Special (photo  38 Special)

Bone Against Steel


Rollin' out to Vegas

On an eastbound outta L.A.

I met a roughneck man who hailed from Alabama

His eyes had a lot to say

And his name was Rufus Champion

They call that train the desert wind

And it blew like a mutha that day

Thru the Joshua Trees

We were battin' the breeze

About our rock'n roll heros

Dead or alive


Out across that night did we sail

Bone against steel against the rail

Boats against the stream

Cutting against the grain

Kept on rollin'

Bone against steel

As the moon rose in the window

Rufus began his tale

About an oil rig near the gulf coast

Puttin' man against metal

In a classic work-place accident

He told how the drill commenced to shakin'

The platform started to rock

The chain began breaking

They were straight out of luck

And then the sky kinda lite up

Just like a lightnin' bolt had struck


Workmen's compensation don't compensate for much

With the doctors and lawyers and the IRS and such

You can break up the bone

But the spirit just won't bust

When is bone against steel

With casino lights up a shimmering

We made that Vegas stop

And we laughed away our blues

Now here's the good news

Rufus walks off heels a kickin'

With his baby right by his side

And as they waltzed on out of view

We were back up to speed

And clean outta sight

Double chorus

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