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38 Special


38 Special

Фотография  38 Special (photo  38 Special)

Money Honey


Well the landlord rang my front door bell

He let it ring for a long, long spell

Went to the window, peeked through the blind

Asked him to tell me what was on his mind

An' he said:

Money honey

Money honey

Money honey

If you want to stay up here with me.

I was screamin' green an so hard pressed

I called the woman that I love the best

Finally found my baby 'bout a quarter to three

She said "I wanna know what you want with me"

An I said:

Money honey (Just a little bit)

Money honey

Money honey

If you wanna git along with me.

Well she screamed and said

"What's wrong with you?

From this day on our romance is through."

I should tell my baby, face to face

How could another man take my place?

An she said:

Money honey (lots and lots of that)

Money honey (you got to give me some)

Money honey

If you wanna git along with me.

I learned my lesson and now I know

Sun may shine and the wind may blow

Women come and women may go

But before I'll tell em that I love em so.

I want

Money honey (Do you have some?)

Money honey

Money honey

If you wanna get along with me

Money honey, (Give me)

Money honey, (I need some)

Money honey, if you wanna get along with me.

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