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38 Special


38 Special

Фотография  38 Special (photo  38 Special)

Whats It To Ya


Billy's got a fast car

You know he works it so hard, cause he

Knows it's gonna take him real far tonight

Betty wears her short dress

Loves to be the actress

Lord, it could get reckless tonight

But then a cop pulls 'em over to interrogate

He flashes his lights and gets it in their face

And says: "Where do you think you're goin'?"


What's it to ya

We were only takin' in the sights

What's it to ya

Can a couple of kids have fun tonight?

Johnny plays it so loud

Hangs out with the wrong crowd

Well he plans to make his guitar his life

Judy's acting so sweet

But like little Miss Molly

Ya know she loves to dance and shake it all night.

But when he brings her home she's four hours late

Her parents scream it's your last mistake

What have you been doin

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