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Талиб Квели


Talib Kweli

Фотография Талиб Квели (photo Talib Kweli)

День рождения: 03.10.1975 года
Возраст: 42 года
Место рождения: Бруклин, США


Американский рэпер

Now here we go
Here we go (come on come on)
Now here we go
Here we go (come on come on)

[Talib Kweli]
Stay strong this ain't for the faint hearted
My name's honored cause my style is insane retarded
Remain hottest from St. Marks to St. Thomas
Take game farther than the put-put planes charted
The same artist who smoke rainforest and bang hardest
My brain smartest break a nigga like a lame promise
All city like train bombers
Check out the pictures we painted (yeah)
More colorful than Kelis naked
Your skills is least debated and your album least awaited
Even Big Tigger wouldn't let you in ";The Basement";
Face it y'all niggas face down with your legs kicking
They call your momma Roy Jones cause she raise chicken
You're ";Down for the Count"; like Rah Digga I'm straight spittin
Make pigeons say, ";Uh uh, no they didn't!";
Yes we did so god bless the kid yo
I got my own so I never stress his no

In this journey you're the journal I'm the journalist
Am I eternal.. or an eternalist?
Soon as we showed up I sensed nervousness
As soon as we rolled up y'all niggas burn to this

Here we go
Come on
Yeah yeah (yeahhh)
Yeah yeah (yeah yeah come on)
Yeah yeah
Come on come on

[Talib Kweli]
Yo we send this bullet straight towards your brain
We taking over like Moors in Spain there's more to gain
Runaways get aboard the train (come on)
You can't ignore the pain (no)
When it come down like the pouring rain
Caught the Train of Thought it clanked across the raw terrain
The cold weather break your spirit like a water main
I looked in your eyes and I saw the shame
Y'all don't know tha

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