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Фотография  Эминем (photo  Eminem)

День рождения: 17.10.1972 года
Возраст: 45 лет
Место рождения: Сент-Джозеф, Миссури, США

Rush Ya Clique

Рэп музыкант


[Pace Won]

Bust your lip, rush ya clique, what?

Outz in the area tearing things up

Crush your chick, touch your trick, what?

Outz in the area tearing things up (Sing it with me!)

Bust your lip, rush ya clique, what?

Outz in the area tearing things up

Crush your chick, touch your trick, what?

Outz in the area tearing things up


Yo, I'm finally convinced my kindness and innocence

Is a crime in a sense, climbing a fence

Diagonally bent, dying in agony in a magically event

Outz in a fear of family presents

Capped in clak smoke, pack toast in a black coat

To roast motherfuckers, over lactose

Stay skeed off laced weed

I take cheese, and page trees in the Bricks

Rolling box of Tracies

[Pace Won]

Call a go-go dancer

Get up in that ass and wreck shop like colon cancer

Hit it from the back, bitch can't hold her pants up

Once for my cock, twice for my block,

I got it locked like handcuffs

Pacer got a razor, get you and your man cut

Swing a blow you can't duck

Throw up your hands, what?

Nobody on earth could see Pacer

I get your shit then peel off like Speed Racer


[Slang Ton]

I hit you bastards raps fast as Janet Jackson's coochie

Your raps is half mastered, mad average, wack bologna

And if you ever wanna get a deal

You should either OD off skill pills

Or steal my reel-to-reel

Most of y'all emcees ain't tight as y'all should be when

I'm tighter than the jeans that show hoochie chicks' coochie prints

Outsidaz, we hot as Hell's flames is

And I'm Slang-iz, my tapes get pumped like twelve gauges


I'm so weeded (How weeded are you?)

I'm so weeded I can freestyle for sixteen bars (Ha ha ha)

Right off the top, then go back to the top

And then repeat it (Ha)

Write it down on the paper

And still be able to read it (Sorry)

I can't read, but I still write to my pen pals (Uh, uh, dear)

I can't fly, but I still float on cement clouds (Whee!)

I can't see cause my eyes already been gouged out

I been down with the Outz for ten thou-sand years

([Pace Won] So dunn, here?)

Some weird kids with piercings in more than one ear

Lauryn, huh? Hill?

([Pace won] There's more than one? IIIllll)

What? You want me to stop? Here?


[Young Zee]


Your girl could suck my dick chewing Big Red

Till she choke and scrape her wisdom tooth on my dick head

Puff a tray bag, Outz never pay cabs

Bust a A-rab, front on taking us up eighth Ave

Yea, we all of the a volumes

What be the outcome?

We selling twenty million albums

Ay your record, ain't nobody buy that

You fell off, and had to take your five mic

And push a white Ac, with a bike rack


It's the A, the X, the E

Why pay for ass, if I can sex for free?

F' with we, what you expect to see

Death's your destiny, when it's my time for rest in peace

Bet they find my pistol next to me

My dick is giving ecstasy

Shit I say, spread like leprosy

I'm on a quest to be, the best emcee

Living recklessly, cock the weaponry

Lay you on your back like Lei Wulong from Tekken 3

Yo follow, never question me


[Pace Won]

C'mon yo

Bust your lip, rush ya clique, what?

Crush your chick, touch your trick, what?

Snuff your bitch, crush your whip, what?

Outz in the area tearing things up

Outworld baby

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