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Фотография  Эминем (photo  Eminem)

День рождения: 17.10.1972 года
Возраст: 45 лет
Место рождения: Сент-Джозеф, Миссури, США

Lunch Truck (8 Mile)

Рэп музыкант

Okay Folks, enough with the gay jokes,
especially from a gay broke bitch yourself, Eh Lo
His styles dodo, you worked here longer than me
and I get paid more than you do
Dawg take a seat,
Whats this guy standin in line for, he aint got money to eat!
Check this out, yo yo,
This guy cashed his whole check and bought one hoho
Fuckin homo, maggot, you cant hack it
Johns gay - you're a faggot
At least he admits it, don't risk it
This guys starvin to death, somebody get him a biscut!
I don't know what they told you

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