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Фотография  Эминем (photo  Eminem)

День рождения: 17.10.1972 года
Возраст: 45 лет
Место рождения: Сент-Джозеф, Миссури, США

Benzino Diss--Nail In The Coffin

Рэп музыкант

I dont wanna be like this
I don' really wanna hurt-no-feelings
But I'm only being real when I say
Nobody wants to hear their grandfather rap (nope)
Old men have heart attacks
And i don' wanna be responsible for that, so
Put the mic down and walk away
You can still have a little bit of dignity

(verse 1)

I would never claim to be no
Ray Benzino
An 83 year old, fake pacheno
So how can he hold me over some balcony
Without throwing his lower back out
As soon as he goes to lift me
Please don't, you'll probably fall with me
And our asses'll both be history
But then again you finaly get your wish
Cause you'll be all over the street like 50 cent
Fucking punk, pussy, fuck you chump
Give me a one-on-one see if I don't fuck you up
Try to chump the ruff ryders and they cut you up
And you put Jada on a track,
That's how much you suck dick in the industry
Swear that you in the streets hustling
You sit behind a fucking desk at the source butt kissing
And begging muthafuckas for guest appearences
And you can't even get the clearences
Cause real lyricists dont even respect you or take you serious
It's not that we dont like you... we hate you period!
Talk about a midlife crisis, damn
Last week you was shakin Obie Trices' hand
Now he's a busta? What the fuck's with that
Get on a track dissing us, kissing 50's ass
And askin' me what I know about indictments, bite me!
Bitch I got 2 cases and probation, Fight me!
What do I know about standing in front of a judge, like a man
Ready to take whatever sentence hands
What you know about your wife slicing her wrists
Right in front of the only thing you have in this world
a little

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