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Dilated Peoples


Dilated Peoples

Фотография  Dilated Peoples (photo  Dilated Peoples)

Место рождения: Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния, США

The Platofrm


Uh-huh, yeah


Dilate and Expand

Aiyo the platform, watch the stormtroopers swarm

The deathstars born then the devil is strong

Its where evil and the force manifest and form

Theres no good without bad and no night without war

Its relativity, valid stability

Its creativity, talents, ability

Rockers shift the modes of the wizard and the warrior

Hiphop up and move to strike like a lawyer

Quick to be like fuck a rapper after what im after

Friendly how you front but behind you talkin backwards

Basically Im down to build but stay ready for battle

Plus most dig our gear oh but i mean cattle

The cattalist never rock the mic in vain

Energy or created or destroyed is change

The Dilated Peoples hit you with the big bang

And babies with the red shit try to explain

The platform


Aiyo the platform, takes respect to perfect the artform

In times of battle whacker rappers get their hearts torn

Cos when i step off and then step back on

You'll never catch me preaching when im not practiscing

World War II the platform the illest flows

I know my hungers real i still get naseuas at shows

My motto, I didn't write but this i quote:

'It ain't where you put your words it's where you don't'

And quote, and with this in mind

I bring flows more red than black from the backs

I never got sacked to push ten yards back

We could go line for line, rhyme for rhyme or track for track

And after that, the crowd will react

To the future we are the magnetic attract

2020 Confuse and no doubt

Catch the story of your life on VH1 where are they now?

And as for mine I'll be 60 in my prime

Still sciencin' theories and droppin' rhymes on time

The Platform


Aiyo I've seen apathy, met love and know hate

I'm heavy on the mic can you handle the weight?

Either you learn to adapt or your sealin' your fate

Only brave when you get more dusted than old plate

Rockin D'n'D with the Alchemists n baz

And after the lab we sent ev to catch the cab

Platform troop make moves and stay true

Rock steady zulu, create the deficit crew

Yo I platform my strategy, mix words with alchemy

Evidence, I won't get caught - shot on the balcony

Between you and I? I tell you this the diff

gun to your head you dead point blank, I shapeshift

Thats right, study chemistry like Al

Prove life is your potential (or what) or Steve Howe

Im about to call it quits like too much window break you backmouth

The men'll make ya move yo some will make ya back out


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