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Dilated Peoples


Dilated Peoples

Фотография  Dilated Peoples (photo  Dilated Peoples)

Место рождения: Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния, США

Reach Us


Dilated, dilated, dilated..



I kill ciphers

That's how I went from good to God

I ain't perfect, yet n' still the hood is ours

And it's worthy, good people here work good and hard

But the news really only shows crooks and stops

It hold you for commercials and talk you into buyin shit

I was taught to learn from life and learn from my environment

Rocka walks the street as the son of a preacher

Who's the son of a preacher with people tryin to reach ya

I visualize the rise and realize the falling

High as time flies I recognize the calling

Went from lavish life to savage life back to lavish life

But never average, might be caught like Christ for the sacrifice

I still roll up my trees

For ? I meditate to roll up my sleeves

We adjusting readjust

I said I touch the world and the world said

Reach us

Reach us

Open up the world people ?


You know these days ain't gettin any longer

Now, it's do or die

Now or never, time to hit the street

We on the move

Ride out with shit to prove

Everywhere we go they like...

It's a green light for you

Got lyrics about pleasure some about pain

From Southern Cali where they say it never rains

It's different dames that make me count blessings

We burn for our peeps that ain't here as we sing

Reach us

In God we trust no doubt that's a must

A hundred times see us but still catch the rush

And when we fly bless the sky

Let your mission unfold

You in the car we in the bus bless the road

How could I reach you if I wasn't real

Might have to go before you really studied the flow

And understand the deal

This year fuck before mad, loud and clear

You know that's the truth they can't

Reach us

Reach us

Say this cause I mean it from the heart

Reach us



What happened to me, nah what happened to you

The crew ain't changed the numbers the sames

The lack and the fools, the check for Cali dimes down to Georgia peaches

At our shows to book us, ? is how you reach us

Got ho's girls I see got queens

Got friends got enemies and in-betweens

Teacher are students, students are teachers

Low key or prestigious I reach you, you reach us

I see lines around the block in the snow it's cold now

I see people gettin hot when the shot is sold out

I see dime pieces to the front to rap along

To every word, word for word to every song

I raise every head and every arm

In every jam from every stage we stand on

People climbin over barricades and still

I tell security chill, they only tryin to

Reach us

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