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Dilated Peoples


Dilated Peoples

Фотография  Dilated Peoples (photo  Dilated Peoples)

Место рождения: Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния, США

Heavy Rotation


feat. tha liks

Y'all didn't bring no ice? (nigga)

Nobody brought no ice? (ahh, ah-hah, aww yeah!)

Yo, yo pass the beer (we drink in heavy rotation)

(yeah that's what i'm talkin bout!) one-two, one-two

(ahh, ahh)

[ev] dilated y'all (toast to this)

[ro] check one - it's tha liks baby (toast to this)

[ro] ain't it drunk?

[ev] and y'all can't come (close to this)

{*scratched: "dilated, heavy rotated" - "with tha liks"*}


I'm so outlandish, my rhymes the paint, the track's the canvas

Find me puffin tampons on your nearest college campus

Mcen-ro, servin up heat like pete sampras

Drinkin jose cuervo like some spanish bandits

Make women panic when i tell 'em i'ma vanish

Don't take it personal, these are eight-one-eight antics

Hoes break your pockets like car mechanics

Every morning, i bow down and pray like a mantis

Most women can't stand this but i, ain't romantic

So that thought you can banish to the city of atlantis

Me and tash met this tan bitch, made a likwid sandwich

I consume strictly green leaves like pandas

Dig through ice for my brew, like they dig for woolly mammoths

I'm volcanic up in bitches that look like dorothy dandridge

Your style is major damage, it's played out and ripped up

It needs a bandage, how do you manage? i can't stand it


Hops, barley, water, yeast, grain

Distillery - alcohol for the brain

So check it out, smoke fills the area

Drunk as fuck, launch off the aircraft carrier

Your vision (blurred) eyes start to blink

You overdid it homes; you had too much to drink (cut it out)

This bout's set for twelve rounds of pain

Tequila limes and salt, these cats hard to hang

Sixteen bar shark, teeth to fangs

Open off tha liks - duck season, you're in range

Turn the page - here comes the next chapter

Battle ev? you sign with blue cross or aftra

Heavy rotation, dilate expansion

California funk - like flav, we 'cold lampin'

Fuck the format 'til they can't ignore us

But chill swift bout to kill after the chorus

[chorus: repeat 2x]

Dilated y'all (toast to this)

It's tha liks baby (toast to this)

And y'all can't come (close to this)

{*scratched: "dilated, heavy rotated" - "with tha liks"*}


I cook up beats like dope, they should call me illegal

We control the underground like bugsy siegal

And my crew is like the mob, we whylin off that vino

High-rollin, takin over your local casino

Year after year, my music pleases your ear

That's why my focus is right like outboard gear

Tune in, this is like a family reunion

We like cousins and shit (hey) rockin this bitch

Dilated and the (likwid mc's)

We gradually elevatin to a (higher degree)

We smash through the underground like we (suv's)

And spit game to the hoes and let em know they gettin (nuttin for free)

Aiyyo listen close, toast to west coast

Where bein gangsta ain't a hoax, we kill folks

And c-walkin ain't just a dance or a joke

We stay in heavy rotation, coast to coast

[rakaa iriscience]

Yo, it's hard to pass the bar, ask your lawyer

Likwid, pour it on y'all from california

Programmers, spray this on your play list

If rap was hard liquor i'd be "leaving las vegas"

Live show radio mixtape massacre

It's a party y'all with room for more passengers

I turn mics to pistols and start rappin

And turn pistols back to mics and start blastin 'em

J-ro, e-swift, tash and them

"expansion team", "x.o." chips, cashin 'em

I'm not fashionable but i am international

I called it like i see it on stage like supernatural

Honies keep flirtin like the flows are workin

Don't stop 'til i'm certain then i close the curtains

Animal house shit, coast to coast like tha liks

I don't drink as much, but i'll toast to this

[chorus] - 1/2


Aiyyo catash'll slap the track with a open fist backhand

I crack fans with funk then burn rubber like the gap band

Batman can't walk through my hood, it's no love

Tash'll jack him for his cape and sport that shit to the club

Is it love or is it buzz, that got my thinkin patterns

Thinkin yo' bitch is mine that's why you see me winkin at her

She'll be drinkin at a tavern, out of a glass size 8

Likwid crew and dilated make that ass gyrate

While you ask i take, anything that i could lift

Your rapper's rappin like catash y'all dj's rappin like swift

I was born with a gift, you niggaz used to average rappin

Your styles is old as fuck, that's why my clique start cabbage patchin

I do this for the beer, and for the ones that ain't here

Y'all niggaz better make way for x, ras and saafir

I'm like a tattooed tear, tash'll never go away

I'm bout to fill my quota i need x.o. every day



The extended family of tha alkaholiks

The extended family of the likwit crew

The extended family of everybody that smoke bud

Dilated peoples in the motherfuckin place y'all

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