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Dilated Peoples


Dilated Peoples

Фотография  Dilated Peoples (photo  Dilated Peoples)

Место рождения: Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния, США



"I annihilate your type if you violate" [Malik B] 4x


The beginning, yeah

You know, it's never too late to start over


Yeah yo yo yo I'm the type to sneak into your dorm and get shit warm

I'm the type to spit on microphones and leave em deformed

Babu cuts into Alchemist instrumentals

Gemini, this Twin Peaks like David Lynch do

Or does, bustin off for every place I been though

I'm hard to see through like lodges wit no windows

Sparks the beginning of the end of the dark

See I flood the stage hard, now you swimmin wit sharks

Rappers are cocky, but on the low, I know they watch me

Cuz weapons in my music like I'm El Mariachi

Or Desperado, pushin at full throttle

Rock till I'm horse/hoarse like broncos from Colorado

"I annihilate your type if you violate"

We are the Peoples from the crew they call the Dilated

*Cut and scratched by Babu* "I annihilate your type if you violate"

(Iriscience, World Famous Babu)


Aiyyo my weed stays fresh in the jar when the lid's tight

Reminiscing on memories from last midnight

Time constraints why I hate music biz

I counterpunch clocks, pay no attention what time it is

Chop shit, bend notes, clear no samples

Drop my thoughts quick on Sony audio handheld

Delve and breaks heat will take it to the streets

Whattup to Rhett and Carlos, all peeps at Fat Beats

Street sweep, strip the lock after we rock

The world is in my hand, but I'm in Pandora's Box

Think the bigger picture is how I write my scripture

(An immediate response) Or maybe later it'll hit ya

"I annihilate your type if you violate"

[Iriscience] I'm Iriscience from the crew they call the Dilated

"I annihilate your type if you violate"

[Evidence] Evidence, I'm from the crew called Dilated

"I annihilate your type if you violate"

[Both] We are Peoples from the crew they call the Dilated

*Cut and scratched* "I annihilate your type if you violate"


Never test my integrity or doubt I'm learnin lessons

I'm the type of person always be the last to leave the session

It's etched in, stone, I'm Mikes/mics wit headphones

My mind's a mini-clock latchin on to tones

My demeanor can't be shattered, I'm followed by the man

I follow through a fully-executed blueprint plan


I grab a crate for my DJ and work wit a can

I rock a break for the people till the girls wanna dance

I don't need jewels to shine, just I bring the flows

Besides, I keep losin all my rings at shows

The way things are lookin, even heaven is crooked

And if your lighter's missing maybe Evidence took it

*Answering machine*

"This is Ev, leave a message....Have a good day" *Beep*

"Have a good day? Yo how many lighters you got in your pocket

right now, man? That shit is wrong, you do this every time"

"I annihilate your type if you violate" *Cut and scratched in background*

[Evidence] (Iriscience)

I annihilate, what if you violate my crew

(Dilated yeah yeah that's us, that's how we doin it)

Iriscience uh, Evidence, DJ Babu, uh Alchemist

(We rockin the old world, the new)

Everywhere on the map, it's lookin smaller and smaller

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