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Dilated Peoples


Dilated Peoples

Фотография  Dilated Peoples (photo  Dilated Peoples)

Место рождения: Лос-Анджелес, Калифорния, США



Babu scratches:

As I expand.... you


Ay yo amplify, magnify, broaden my reach

Expand, exercise, ex-get increased

The 'e' and the 'x' are connected like excellence

The 'p' is for peoples that Dilated represents

(Evidence: A-N for all night) PM to AM

and D's for droppin rhymes with no delayin'

Even numb from Novacane you feel the slow pain

See flames but fuel the fire like propane

(Evidence: now hold that) keep that lock and less beats

War's not the word to play its like peace

I'm a cyborg connected with a mic in my hand

[Babu scratches Dilated lines]

As I expand... you know I am..am..

A... triple optometrist mental megalopolis...

A... student on these L.A. blocks...

Raakaa Iriscience rapid fire how I transmit


Ay yo me and Omega, Devious Doze used to pose

Hypothetical flows gettin' thrown with no foes

A decade ago- introduced to Will Copper

And out the other side of my fear- a field trooper

Son of a preacher- in school a student teacher

But I'd rather read or hit the theater for a double feature

Bored night creature well I used to trade books

When science appeared fellow scientists trade looks (y'all see that?)

A brick by brick builder I learned to mortar

Gettin' smarter and smarter from Homocide and Law and Order


Street poet, mild man or reporter

Til I flip like Kool Kieth drippin' droppin' like water

[Babu scratches Dilated lines]

Raakaa Iriscience...create to devastate

Why wait... put your gloves out

Expand and dilate...

As I expand you know who I am...Its the expanding man...

A... triple optometrist mental megalopolis...

A... student on these L.A. blocks...

Iriscience...you know who I am...am


Now I haven't forgotten all the drugs at Bush rottin'

Its funny how its maybe his stash your son got in

Man, Uncle Sam facilitated the plan

Got weed dealed in miligrams and grams and kilograms

(Evidence: Yo, word to our lye) they can heal a killa man

They might have a plant they can if they got a pill to can

Body upon young body into camps

but camps turn to pen when boys to turn to men

War bein' used to both profit and clense

War spoke- why it camouflage the feds

I'm a freedom fighter, reader, writer, rapper, and fan

[Babu scratching Dilated lines]

As I expand you know who I am...

You know who he is

As I expand you know who I am...

The expanding man...

As I expand you know who I am...am

As I expand you know who I am...

Its the expanding man

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