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Фотография  Aswad (photo  Aswad)

Год рождения: 1975
Возраст: 44 года

Love Fire


Oh but I pray thee give me one thing

Give me love from your heart

Where does the fire of love kindle first

In the heart, in the hearts of every man

Taking your chances, not knowing fire burns

To give love to receive no love in return

That emptiness it brings tears in your eyes

Tell me why you're doing this now at this time

When love fire should be burning

Love is the force I said let there be light

In the heart, in the hearts of every man

He who drowns in his tears will

Cling on to the memory

Hopelessly clutching onto yesterday's properties

And murders love, it's just tears in your eyes

Tears in your eyes, you cry, why oh why

Must you feel this feeling in your soul

Now that you know that love kindles first

In the heart, in the hearts of every man.

Don't take any chances, you know

Fire burn, just give love, you'll receive

Love in return and happiness

It brings joy in your world

Tell me why, you got to keep it burning

Love is the force, that's why there is life

In the heart, in the hearts of every man

See them drowning now in their own tears

Holding on to the dwindling profits of yesteryear

Murders love and cause tears in your eye

Tell me why you do this

Tears in our eyes we cry why

Love in our hearts so why

Why must we feel that same feeling

In our soul

Love oh love fire

Love oh love

Love fire it burns bright not again

Ain't no man who has no friend

But I know sparks turn into flames

Love fire burning bright again

Sending out love warning

The fire keep it burning

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