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Робби Уильямс


Robbie Williams

Фотография Робби Уильямс (photo Robbie Williams)

День рождения: 13.02.1974 года
Возраст: 44 года
Место рождения: Ньюкасл-андер-Лайм, Великобритания

Quotes of Robbie Williams


  • ⋅The thing about drugs and sex is that you lose all your inhibitions. I've had sex in trains, planes, wine bars... and quite a few car parks! /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅You've got a beautiful country with so many beautiful people and so many beautiful things happening and stuff like that lets it down. I feel sad for them. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅The problem is, I don't think I've got too much to offer at the minute. I'm busy working on myself. This sounds like real therapy talk, but it's like, you've got to be happy with yourself before you can go out and get yourself a girl. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅An awful lot of gay pop stars pretend to be straight. I'm going to start a movement of straight pop stars pretending to be gay. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I'm a born entertainer. When I open the fridge door and the light goes on, I burst into song. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I like listening to good music - and I can't stop playing my album. /Robbie Williams
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  • ⋅I can do anything I want to do really, I might as well. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅There's no point regretting things. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Life's too short to worry about things I've said. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I couldn't live without my music, man. Or me mum. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I'm quite obviously not the world's most handsome man - I'm the second world's most handsome man! /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅It's a huge responsibility being a solo act. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅People change. I wouldn't like to be accountable for the interviews I've done, or the person I was when I was 20, 21. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅Depression isn't about, 'Woe is me, my life is this, that and the other', it's like having the worst flu all day that you just can't kick. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅Do I think I'm a national treasure? I don't see why not? I don't see why I shouldn't be. I'm a good lad, really. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I am not as bad as people would suggest. Not as good as I would like to be. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I come from the tradition of a big Irish family that loves to sing. I love to perform. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I did the rock 'n roll-pop cliche of getting burnt out. I'm not the first person that happened to, and I'm sure I won't be the last. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I enjoy nakedness. I am a bit of a naturist at heart. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I have a gigantic ego and need to be at the top of the pile and be doing amazingly well; also, at the same time, I'm just pleased to be anywhere. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I have only one ambition, which is to be famous. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I like me food. I also don't like me exercising. It's something me don't do very well. But it's something I've got to get into. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I like to be comfortable, but I do enjoy being a British gent and dressing up a bit. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I refuse to totally grow up. I've always been someone who says and does things that push politically correct boundaries. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I show off - I'm a very good show off. It's what I do, it's what I'm good at. /Robbie Williams
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  • ⋅I think dysfunctional people are being funneled into very corporate behaviour. Look at the Brits... no one's fighting, and it's boring. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I think there are ghosts. I haven't seen or heard anything. I've definitely felt something, but it's not scary. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I'd make a better U.S. president than George W. Bush. Bush is an idiot. I'm a better public speaker than him. It makes you wonder about the voters. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I'm mainstream, and I have pretty chart-tastic tastes. I don't often veer away from a big melodic song with big words for big stadiums. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅I've deliberately tried to calm myself down because eventually I want to be a good role model to my kids. /Robbie Williams
  • ⋅If you want to sell the most records, duet with me. If you need someone to come in and bless your record sales, I'm your man. /Robbie Williams
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