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Джастин Тимберлейк


Justin Timberlake

Фотография Джастин Тимберлейк (photo Justin Timberlake)

День рождения: 31.01.1981 года
Возраст: 37 лет
Место рождения: Мемфис, Теннеси, США

Quotes of Justin Timberlake

Американский поп- и R&B-певец, композитор, продюсер, танцор и актёр.

  • ⋅It's happened for at least six months now, this whole image of everybody portraying me as a playboy. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅That's not me. When I go out, I go out with my group of friends. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅Any girl who approaches me in a club and tries to win me over, I'm not gonna go for it." (after his breakup with Britney Spears) /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅I'm single. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅Make out in a club? I didn't do that when I was with Britney. Why would I do it with somebody I just met? /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅I'm very happy with (the album). It's very me, and that's all you can do as an artist is do what you think is an extension of you. /Justin Timberlake
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  • ⋅Every relationship I've been in, I've overwhelmed the girl. They just can't handle all the love. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅We're dirty pop. It's a trend now, but we were the first ones to do it! /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅I'm a perfectionist. I can't help it, I get really upset with myself if I fail in the least. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅I pick my nose and I'm not ashamed to admit it. If there's a bogey then just pick it, man. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅This clothing is representative of where we come from - it's sort of country, but it's also got a little edge and a little chic to it. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅Cry Me a River. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅I wanted to wait for the right opportunity. There's no shortcuts, and I responded to the challenge of working with someone like Morgan (Freeman). /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅It's not just about journalism, ... It's about police and crime, and it gives a picture of how these things work well or not well. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅I was just trying to keep up. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅[It's been that sort of year for the team, which is 0-4 this season. Many fans, in turn, return to their cars or boats at halftime to eat, drink and forget about the first 30 minutes, and take their time returning to their seats.] It's not that we don't care, ... We're just having fun. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅When a person like her, who's obviously a sweet person, is having their first child, it's like, `leave the girl alone /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅It's a little crazy /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅That's her baby and those are her baby pictures. It's a little crazy when a person like her, who's obviously a sweet person, and having her first child...it's like leave the girl alone, let her have the baby, ... At some point you're going to get to know about her son and get to see a picture and these magazines work week to week, so I don't understand why people can't wait until she's comfortable putting it out. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅We just kind of picked the two people who are most influential in our lives, and that's our grandfathers. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅This is not my usual stage. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅When I release my new album this year...Urge and I will be doing some new and creative things. Urge offers a new way for artists like myself to specifically reach music fans with a ton of options. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅I like big butts and I cannot lie you other brothers can't deny when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅I went straight method for my part, ... My character and Morgan's character go through an interesting arc. A lot of my scenes are with Morgan, and what I value and look up to are his subtleties. /Justin Timberlake
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  • ⋅He did it in a smart way. He took some time off from the music and took roles where he could show some real chops. I guess I'm close to doing the same thing. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅It's been fun. I've only done half the movie and it's crazy. They're always writing. They're writing and writing and writing. You work for four hours in two days and it's done. It's pretty much nothing. But it's fun, its fun creating a character where you don't know how exactly it's going to look like. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅I've played in sold out stadiums before half a million people, but this makes me nervous. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅When Justin comes home he would not even sit down and have a sandwich that he doesn't say a blessing for. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅There's still a chance that 'N Sync could get back together. /Justin Timberlake
  • ⋅This clothing is representative of where we come from /Justin Timberlake
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