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Фотография  Бейонсе (photo  Beyonce)

День рождения: 04.09.1981 года
Возраст: 36 лет
Место рождения: Хьюстоне, Техас, США

Quotes of Beyonce


  • ⋅It's really silly. I wrote a song called 'Bootylicious,' maybe three years ago. / Beyonce
  • ⋅And now the word is in the dictionary. / Beyonce
  • ⋅To be honest, I hate the word. / Beyonce
  • ⋅My biggest thing is to teach not to focus on the aesthetic. It's really about who you are, and the human being, that makes you beautiful. / Beyonce
  • ⋅I like to experiment. I love playing around with highlights or bleaching the tips. I can cut and style my own hair. / Beyonce
  • ⋅I love my butter pecan ice cream, but I also love to work out. We all have our issues. Mine is arms and legs, keeping them tight and toned. It takes work, believe me. / Beyonce
  • Реклама:
  • ⋅I have so much admiration for women who are mothers, who balance family and work. / Beyonce
  • ⋅I'm a human being, I cry, I'm actually extremely sensitive, my feelings get hurt, I get scared, I get nervous just like everyone else. / Beyonce
  • ⋅There's ups and downs in this love. Got a lot to learn in this love. Through the good and the bad, still got love. / Beyonce
  • ⋅I miss you, like everyday. Wanna be with you, but you're away. Said I miss you, missing you insane. But if I got with you, could it feel the same? / Beyonce
  • ⋅I may be young but I'm ready. / Beyonce
  • ⋅We gon take it to the moon, take it to the stars. How many people you know can take it this far? Im supercharged Im bout to take this whole thing to Mars. / Beyonce
  • ⋅There was a time I thought, that you did everything right. No lies, no wrong. Boy I, must've been outta my mind. / Beyonce
  • ⋅When I think of the time that I almost loved you, you showed your ass and I saw the real you. / Beyonce
  • ⋅Thank God you blew it, thank God I dodged the bullet. I'm so over you, so baby good lookin' out. / Beyonce
  • ⋅I wanted you bad I'm so through with it, cuz honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had. / Beyonce
  • ⋅You turned out to be the best thing I never had. And I'm gon' always be the best thing you never had, I bet it sucks to be you right now. / Beyonce
  • ⋅So sad, you're hurt. Boo hoo, oh, did you expect me to care? You don't deserve my tears I guess that's why they ain't there. / Beyonce
  • ⋅I know you want me back, it's time to face the facts. That I'm the one that's got away. / Beyonce
  • ⋅Thank God I found the good in goodbye. / Beyonce
  • ⋅What goes around comes back around. / Beyonce
  • ⋅Goes around, comes back around. Bet it sucks to be you right now. / Beyonce
  • ⋅If I aint got nothing, I got you. If I aint got something I don't give a damn, cause I got it with you. / Beyonce
  • ⋅I don't know much about algebra, but I know one plus one equals two and it's me and you, thats all we'll have when the world is thru. / Beyonce
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  • ⋅So when I think of the time that I almost loved you. You showed your ass and I saw the real you. / Beyonce
  • ⋅Lord knows that it would take another place, another time, another world, another life. Thank God I found the good in goodbye. / Beyonce
  • ⋅Some of them men think they freak this like we do but no they don't. Make your cheques come at they neck, disrespect us no they won't. / Beyonce
  • ⋅Boy don't even try to touch this. Boy this beat is crazy. This is how they made me. Houston, Texas baby. / Beyonce
  • ⋅This goes out to all my girls. That's in the club rocking the latest. Who will buy it for themselves and get more money later. / Beyonce
  • ⋅I think I need a barber None of these ** can fade me. Im so good with this, I remind you im so hood with this. / Beyonce
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Omalone1 16.07.2019 07:48:16
Women think that all men are equal, and this is their strength, men think all women are different - it destroys them.

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