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Дебора Кокс


Deborah Cox

Фотография Дебора Кокс (photo Deborah Cox)

День рождения: 13.07.1974 года
Возраст: 43 года
Место рождения: Торонто, Канада

Quotes of Deborah Cox

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  • ⋅Both songs are really, really intense when it comes to performing them, and very draining at the same time. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅For me, it's important to re-sing the vocals and make sure that the production value is right so that it comes out truthful in that area, you know what I mean? I don't understand why people shy away from it but it's to each his own. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅From beginning to end it's about keeping the energy and the intensity of the story and not doing too much and not doing too little, but just enough so people stay interested and stay involved in the characters. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅Funnily enough, it ended up being uptempo again, so it was just one of those things that felt really good doing. I decided that SHOTWTH should be the leading single for this, to drive this remixed album. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅He doesn't make it so complicated but just really allows the lyric to come through even though there's a lot of production going on. I think that's the key and that's the magic, it's making sure that people could still connect with the lyrics while they're on the dance floor. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I always thought that it was every performer's dream. That's the epitome of being an artist, being able to express song, dance and acting in a live theatre setting and really connecting with an audience on that level. /Deborah Cox
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  • ⋅I had this instinct and I just knew it. It was a very strange thing and as soon as I finished recording it, we were all in the studio saying we have something really special here. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I have two favorite songs. My first is called 'Dance of The Robe' and it's a very powerful number where she is feeling the pressure from her people to take on the responsibility of leading them. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I just bought a bunch of CDs and downloaded them into my I-pod. I bought the Seal record, a Swahili drum album, and there's some original African drums that I listen to before the show. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I never take on anything that is just for the money or just for, you know. I always have to connect with it in a very personal way because I believe the audience will sense whether I'm into it or not, so I don't take on projects that I'm not really passionate about. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I picked up the Joss Stone album, Josh Groban, and the new Norah Jones. I love, love, love Norah. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I prefer Princess. I would love to be known as a diva later on in life when I've had far more experiences. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I really connect with those moments of doing missionary work down there and just seeing the people that are dying from disease and hunger and malnutrition. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I really think about the times that I've been through with my husband and all the stuff that we've been through together, and I think to those moments for inspiration for the role. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I started rehearing in the middle of January and for preparation, like I said I went back to the video footage I had from when I went to Mozambique and Uganda, and that was my inspiration. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I think differently, I think it's about reaching everybody on every different plane and every different level, and if I could remix the song and do a dance remix, that's great. If I could do a classical version, that'll be great too. It's all just about expression. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I think it's his perception of knowing how to make a record build, keeping the integrity of the song in the music and really adding a lot of musical elements to compliment my voice and to compliment the song. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I think the inspiration came from the fans. Whenever I'm online or whenever I get a chance to really communicate with the fans and the audience, they always say that they would love to have all of the remixes on one CD. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I wanted it to feel like you were in the club and on the dance floor, so that was the approach and I think we accomplished that mission. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I wanted to do Dreamgirls. If they're doing a stage production of Sparkle, I think that would be hot. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I'm at a point where I'm going where the journey leads me. I've set goals but I don't get really hung up if I don't achieve those goals right away or in my time, you know what I mean? /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I've always been switching around the show to accommodate the audience, and you know it really makes it a lot more fun for me and keeps it fresh so that I'm not complacent with the same show every night and with every audience. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅I've done that I was touring a couple of years ago with R. Kelly and the Lillith Fair, I would do the late night underground gigs as well because it's always around those times that there was a hot song, either on the radio or in the clubs, it would just be simultaneous. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅It really just puts me right in that moment of the struggle that these people have been through, and I think the story of Aida represents a lot. /Deborah Cox
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  • ⋅It was a dream come true performing with her and just being on the same record. So in my eyes, she was the epitome of a great voice and for us to share together was awesome. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅It's really a grand old, legendary theatre where the spirits of like Judy Garland and all these great performers have been. The clubs are way more underground. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅My opinion is that music is music. As long as you approach doing a remix with truth, I don't see the dance remixes being any different than an hip-hop remix- it's really a different version of the song. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅Oh, it was amazing. The energy from the people, the warmth of the audience was great and it really was a really, really good show. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅People see that I have my own voice, my own opinion, my own likes. The album really reflects that. /Deborah Cox
  • ⋅Singers like her, Patti, Tina Turner, I revere them when I'm in their presence. /Deborah Cox
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