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Марк Алмонд


Mark Almond

Фотография Марк Алмонд (photo Mark Almond)

День рождения: 09.07.1957 года
Возраст: 60 лет
Место рождения: Саутпорт, Великобритания

Waifs And Strays

Английский певец, музыкант


Marc Almond - Waifs and Strays



And so they say they're leaving

While you sleep away the day

You go out every evening

Collecting waifs and strays

They follow their illusions

They don't know what to do

They need a clear direction

That's why they turn to you

You're pleading

Please don't leave me

Don't go from me so soon

I need to be found

For I'm a stray too


Don't go

Just wait until tomorrow

Just wait until tomorrow

Just wait until tomorrow

On the streets of Paris

On the streets of Rome

They find a home

In shadows or in coffee bars

Down the winding alleys

Through the brightly lit arcades

No matter where they are

In and out of life they wander

Little waifs and strays

They stay until you fall in love

That's when they slip away

In the dark you'll see

Those sad brown eyes come shining through

Your heart will melt

You felt the way theu looked at you

Repeat chorus

You find you need someone

to love your days away

Just when your heart is crying out

Please stay

Don't go away

Just wait until tomorrow (x4)

Yes it's true

I'm a stray too

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