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Марк Алмонд


Mark Almond

Фотография Марк Алмонд (photo Mark Almond)

День рождения: 09.07.1957 года
Возраст: 60 лет
Место рождения: Саутпорт, Великобритания

These My Dreams Are Yours

Английский певец, музыкант


Marc Almond - These My Dreams Are Yours



I'm a labyrinth of hopes and fears

Of tears of frustration and of anger

But if you can break through this wall

And search amongst it all

You'll find a man there

Who has a heart of love

Who is afraid of getting jaded

Growing older

Who needs someone to love him

Through life's winter

When the weather grows a little colder

I know I have a darker side

A cruel streak

I'm selfish and demanding

But I'm a man with a vision

It just takes a little understanding


And in my hand

The grains of sand

A thousand million moments of emotion

Oh... these

Oh... these my dreams are yours

I'm a boat well rocked by wave and wind

I've sinned, I'd win

No prizes for perfection

But at best I've given all my all

My shoulder for your tears

And your protection

And if one day I don't wake up

Remember I was good upon reflection

And if they say I was a fool

Be cool, but demand correction

Repeat chorus

You can have my smile my tears

My wishes here's a fortune

To adorn you

I'll whisper in the night to you

Promise to adore and never scorn you

And as we grow a little older

Try to understand more of each other

I will be your golden eye

Your master of illusion

Or just your lover

I'll be a dragonfly, a butterfly

A secret or a little lie to test you

A song a verse a lullaby

A symphony once in a while

To try and impress you

I'll take your heart to the limit

The colours of my joy

My tears to dress you

But sometimes dear

My heart's my own

I don't wish to exclude you or

Distress you

But darling...

Repeat chorus

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