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Марк Алмонд


Mark Almond

Фотография Марк Алмонд (photo Mark Almond)

День рождения: 09.07.1957 года
Возраст: 60 лет
Место рождения: Саутпорт, Великобритания

Satan's Child

Английский певец, музыкант

You always like to dress in black
To mourn the feelings that you lack
Sorrow, anger, hurt and pain
Forever on attack

Always saw the other view
Didn't know what you should do
Never got told the honest truth
You feel it twisted up your youth

Now your
Satan's child
Always running, mercy young and
Satan's child
On the darker side of wild

Oh yeah

You tried to read the books they banned
Colour to the life you planned
Bigger highs to numb their lies
They're always in demand

Stability had turned it's cheek
Security's just for the weak
Your life is for the moment
And your future's looking bleak
Because your

Satan's child
Soul in trouble, hurt on the double
Satan's child
On the darker side of wild

Secretly living in your shame
Where they know you by another name
Laugh or cry, live or die
To you it's all the same
Because your

Satan's child
Easily bruising, sorrow cruising
Satan's child
On the darker side of wild

(now you're)
Satan's child
Cold retribution the only solution
Satan's child
On the darker side of wild

On the darker side of wild

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