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Марк Алмонд


Mark Almond

Фотография Марк Алмонд (photo Mark Almond)

День рождения: 09.07.1957 года
Возраст: 60 лет
Место рождения: Саутпорт, Великобритания

Quotes of Mark Almond

Английский певец, музыкант

  • ⋅As long as ugly people are not on TV, you should only ever have interesting people on TV. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅As soon as one project is finished I like to go straight on to something else. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅For me it always comes down to what is a good song and I'm very old fashioned in the way that I like to make songs that have something classic about them whether you can play them with an orchestra or an electro synthesizer or an acoustic guitar. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅I don't enjoy being a celebrity, I don't want any part of that or any part of that fame for fame... i'd actually rather die than be a celebrity slime!!! /Mark Almond
  • ⋅I don't really have anything against Will Young or Gareth Gates. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅I mean whatever I do it's important that I put my stamp on it and keep it in my world, whether I'm doing a dance track or something like the Russian album for example. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅I think in the past I think I probably was a little too diverse, probably went from one spectrum to the complete opposite and confusing people. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅I think the older I get the more creative I get, I don't have the distractions that I had when I was younger. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅I think there's always been singers like that and i've done my fair share of cheese as well. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅I thinks it really interesting how they throw the world music samples in there. I often wonder what it would be like to do something like that, but use my lyrics and my kind of style. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅It's a shame in a way that people come and go with one album. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅Knowing what I knew about Russia, as much as I loved the music and was fascinated by the songs and the whole idea of it, I knew it would be a very lengthy and frustrating process. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅My next record I really just want it to be a collection of great songs, classic songs in a way. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅Russia can be quite a dangerous place sometimes, but I never think about it. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅Russians have a new freedom, but as long as they don't express that freedom on a public platform. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅That's the way I work and one day I won't have the energy to do it, so I think it's always good to make the most of your life and living as much as possible. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅That's what I like to do, I like to make songs. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅The way the business things work in Russia is you have to meet people, you have to go through a certain amount of etiquette and business things are done just simply by a shake of the hand and whether they like you or not. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅The weird thing was that Soft Cell was supposed to have come and gone before I started the album. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅These days i tend to use one project I do as a kind of offshoot to the next. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅We just kind saw the images and knew the cliches, so to have the opportunity to go there and learn something about Russian music and about Russian people and to see things apart from being a tourist. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅For all the sound and the fury perhaps this is what Milosevic wants. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅Their weapons are formidable, ... A coup would be very risky and would give NATO an excuse for finishing off Milosevic. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅The tragedy is that when a precision bomb hits a gas station surrounded by cottages, you discover that you can't fight a humanitarian war in a humane way. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅While Milosevic was in power all ethnic Albanians preferred having the west on their side. /Mark Almond
  • ⋅Presevo is about 90 percent ethnic Albanian -- it is a very tense place, I have been there myself -- it lies in a strategic valley, /Mark Almond
  • ⋅Law and order is now a big issue, /Mark Almond

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