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Марк Алмонд


Mark Almond

Фотография Марк Алмонд (photo Mark Almond)

День рождения: 09.07.1957 года
Возраст: 60 лет
Место рождения: Саутпорт, Великобритания

Mother Fist

Английский певец, музыкант


Marc Almond - Mother Fist



Well now I've been on my own for many a year

Seems like I'll never get loved

Got me a hand on this brother of mine

And I'm gonna get me the rub

Turn me the lights down to a purple glow

Put Bessie Smith on the wall

Bring me the five young daughters

And help my ship to set sail


Mother fist never gets angey

Mother fist she never gets bored

I don't have to feed her

I just have to need her

She cries give me the word

When I'm downtown in Barcelona

When I'm pissed or I'm pissed off

Mother fist just gives me her tender kiss

And some of her sexy stuff

And I lock my door from the inside

Turn my mind to sweet sweet pain

And I wail just like Yma Sumac

Mother fist she never complains

Repeat chorus

Now I don't care if I'm in a prison

In confinement solitary

A soldier lost in the legion

Or a sailor out on the sea

A beggar, thief or a rich man

A gunman mercenary

A one legged crook

An Armenian cook

As long as my mother's with me

Repeat chorus

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