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Кристина Агилера


Christina Aguilera

Фотография Кристина Агилера (photo Christina Aguilera)

День рождения: 18.12.1980 года
Возраст: 37 лет
Место рождения: Нью-Йорк, США

Quotes of Christina Aguilera

Певица, актриса и модель

  • ⋅What is it in us that makes us feel the need to keep pretending...we gotta let ourselves be. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅Now what to do. My heart has been bruised. So sad but it's true. Each beat reminds me of you. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I'm an ocean, because I'm really deep. If you search deep enough you can find rare exotic treasures. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅Right now I'm pretty single . . . . My career is my boyfriend. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I'm not really religious but very spiritual. I give money to this company that manufactures hearing aids on a regular basis. More people should really hear me sing. I have a gift from God. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅Britney and I show a little tummy and it's like, 'Oh My God.' But N'Sync or Backstreet Boys will do repeated pelvic thrusts to an audience of pre-pubescent girls and nobody says anything! /Christina Aguilera
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  • ⋅I want a bad boy in public, and a pussy cat at home! /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅Pop is actually my least favorite kind of music, because it lacks real depth. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅The schedule is crazy - it's all suitcases and hotel rooms and you just go nonstop. It's a crazy lifestyle, it really is. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I think everybody should have a great Wonderbra. There's so many ways to enhance them, everybody does it. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅Whatever I do, it's my business. It's not my job to parent America. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I want to be an all round entertainer, I want to act, make films, make albums, do whatever I can. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I'm always nervous before I go on stage, but once I'm out there everything is great and it's my favorite place to be. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I'm not just another bimbo. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅My parent's divorce and hard times at school, all those things combined to mold me, to make me grow up quicker. And it gave me the drive to pursue my dreams that I wouldn't necessarily have had otherwise. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅It's definitely a dream come true to be recognized and to be able to sign autographs. But, it's also a lot of hard work and can be draining. If you don't know already, you will quickly learn who your real friends are. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I don't want to be just a straight pop singer. I'm a vocalist and that's what I want to be seen as in the long run. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I got along better with the guys than with the girls. Only two girls came up to talk to me. Later I found out they were telling their boyfriends, 'If you talk to her, I'll kill you.' It's always rough with that high school thing. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I want to have something that's different to the way I've been portrayed. I admire Angelina Jolie - she acts tough but is still sexy. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I love doing normal things - movies, shopping, going out with friends, writing, reading, taking hot bubble baths - that's a big one for relaxation. I also love to go to art and history museums. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅My elementary school days were miserable. After Star Search, the jealousy got really bad that our neighbors slashed our tires. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅Someone who's like Angelina Jolie because she isn't scared of not being pretty. She's my favourtie actress. I'd love a role like the one she played in 'Girl, Interrupted'. I've never met her.. I'd be so nervous! And star-struck! /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅It's been quite a roller coaster ride, but I've grown and learned a lot about myself. The greatest thing is being able to interact with fans and touch people's lives.For that I give thanks. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I always wanted to have my own album released before I graduated from high school. /Christina Aguilera
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  • ⋅Certain people want to see me solely as a pop act, but there are many different sides to Christina Aguilera besides the pop girl. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅It was a really hard time. Anything just set me off...I almost wanted to, you know, hurt myself. And it was the first time I'd ever had thoughts like that. I have a lot of pain and anger. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅Ooh, that was just a little phase (smashing plates to relieve pain). I don't do that any more but it was good fun, a release. I recommend it to everybody. That's as long as you're not hurting anybody. And find a place where you're not going to be in the way of anything. Oh and don't destroy anything valuable that you'll regret later. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I’ve been offered a lot but I want to stay away from romance, comedies and fluffy work. I met Stephen Spielberg at a breast cancer benefit and he explained that he’d seen me on Saturday Night Live and thought I was ready for a movie. He said, ‘You go to the ledge and are unafraid to jump off.’ That was the biggest compliment to me because he was saying I was free. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I'm experimental by nature . . . always exploring my creativity. /Christina Aguilera
  • ⋅I was in a weird head space, I was not myself, for sure. I was kind of running around, crazy, experiencing things for the first time. That was the first time I had really broken things, and it felt so good - *beep*ing great. /Christina Aguilera
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