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Ace Of Base


Ace Of Base

Фотография  Ace Of Base (photo  Ace Of Base)

Год рождения: 1990
Возраст: 29 лет

Young and Proud

поп группа

Oh yeah yeah...

You make me come alive

Att palla pдron etc.

'Cause my eyes can see the why

You make me come alive

Someone maybe try to lay hurt on you

I will hunt them down and blow them away

And the city prays at our feet tonight

You and I were only animals

Live and die like burning candles yeah

You and I diggin' a dirty groove

'Cause we've got none to prove

And nothing left to lose

You and I we're like a perfect team

You and I live in an orange dream

You and I we're up against the wall

We got to beat them all

To be invincible...yeah

Will I ever be on my own again

Baby you got eyes that shine in the dark

Let the beat go on in the world tonite

You and I...

Att palla pдron, ooh yeah yeah...

'Cause my eyes can see the why

Groove cause we've got none to prove

You and I don't care what people say

You and I are living day to day

Never die our love's immortalized

I'm hypersensitized

You make me come alive

You and I...

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