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Ace Of Base


Ace Of Base

Фотография  Ace Of Base (photo  Ace Of Base)

Год рождения: 1990
Возраст: 29 лет

Just An Image

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Ace Of Base - Just an Image


I'm driving through the night

I'm driving through the rain

The engine roars I'm on my way from Mr. Pain

My eyes keeps seeing what

My mind wants to forget

Those sequenses they

Rock n' Roll inside my head

Over and over and over again

I concentrate harder and harder and then

You are just an image

(that I can't see)

You are not for real

You turn into a picture of somebody

Someone I don't know

Someone I don't feel

(...Just an ...)

The wolves cry out tonight

I see your broken line

The sun will rise without

A love without a smile

I always think about

The way you had to leave

I close my eyes

'cause I was with you

By that time

Faster and faster and faster-ahead

As if you were waiting for me down the way

I have never seen you lying on a floor

Crying needing more

(...Just an...)

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