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Ace Of Base


Ace Of Base

Фотография  Ace Of Base (photo  Ace Of Base)

Год рождения: 1990
Возраст: 29 лет

Always Have Always Will

поп группа

I was mesmorized when I first met you

I wouldn't let myself believe

That you could step right out of my wildest dreams

But you didn't know that secret part of me

Until we kissed and made it open up so easily

I always have (even though it didn't show)

I always will (you)

You know that I just wanna touch you whenever you're close to me

I always have (doesn't matter where we go)

I always will (you)

You know that I just wanna show you just how much you mean to me

Everything that you give into

Everything you'll ever need

Is locked up somewhere deep inside of me

You gotta know but more importantly

You've got to stay and hold mw while we live this fantasy

I always have...

Sometimes we try too hard to please

We should let love come naturally

And sometimes I don't know just what you really do to me

But it's okay, 'cause it's all part of the mystery

I always have...

Ooh always have

Ooh always will

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