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Corrosion Of Conformity


Corrosion Of Conformity

Фотография  Corrosion Of Conformity (photo  Corrosion Of Conformity)

Happily Ever After


How did I come to become

How did we come to become this way

When we were inseparable

Formula of rituals I have lived

Lost time-resentment

I can't forgive when we were


Made a commitment to resentment

You will never forget it

Side by side oblivous protected

Someone to hide behind

Situation of security

Foundation of stability

Happily ever after

I won't but that shit

Happily ever after

Sacrifice my freedom

My precious time

For money and security

For my senile state of time

Look in the future

Save all my money

While life slips away

Slip away unchallenged

Happily ever after

Stagnating ill choking on

A bitter pill something went

Wrong this is not how I am

Supposed to feel there must

Be something seriously wrong

With me I've gone out and

Done all the things that

were supposed to bring me

Harmony still not

Satisfied someone must

Have lied about this

Formula formula of

Rituals I have lived

So busy so involved inyour lie

That I forgot to even try

Only alive to do what's


Living a sacrifice

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