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Анжелик Киджо


Angelique Kidjo

Фотография Анжелик Киджо (photo Angelique Kidjo)

День рождения: 14.07.1960 года
Возраст: 57 лет
Место рождения: Котону, Бенин

Quotes of Angelique Kidjo

Бенинская певица, композитор

  • ⋅You can fall, but you can rise also. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅Everyone wins when children - and especially girls – have access to education. An educated girl is likely to increase her personal earning potential and prepare herself for a productive and fulfilling life, as well as reduce poverty in the whole community. Investing in girls' education also helps delay early marriage and parenthood. Our booming economies in Africa need more female engineers, teachers and doctors to prosper and sustain growth. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅Your brain is your greatest weapon. Connect it to your heart, and you can go anywhere. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅What we have to learn from the women of Africa is that every day is worth living. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅It doesn't matter what challenge you face, the most important thing is, when you fall, how you rise and how high you want to go, where you want to go from that rise on. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅Don't let anyone define you from what you live through and everything that they think you stand for. Just be proud of who you are. /Angelique Kidjo
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  • ⋅I don't care about what people think about me. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅Don't let anyone define and decide for you fate. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅What you do that makes you happy and that makes your family, the people that love you, their opinion counts more than anybody out there that is putting a category on you or defining you according to the old phantasmal. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅For me, from the point of view of my life, I've been impacted by women that taught me that, as a woman, my body is a sanctuary, that whoever I invite in my body, I have to be clear in that invitation. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅Don't say that you are a victim if you let somebody manipulate you. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅From the moment you are clear in your vision of yourself and how you project that vision in your family, your community and in the world, that's all that matters. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅I refuse for anyone to tell me who I am because I know who I am. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅Your color doesn't define your brain nor your soul. You can stand next to any human being and challenge that person as long as you use your brain. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅If you love music, you have to be the one that opens doors. You have to be the one that build bridge on which everybody can be free to walk on. I know that that's my mission. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅Music for me has been my breath, my backbone since I was a little kid. Anything that comes to my life, hard time or good time, I always find comfort in music. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅I am a storyteller with my music. And my story, nobody gonna tell it for me. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅You cannot transform the society of people if the people are not part of the change. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅You have to stand for something or you fall for everything. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅I want to look at myself in the mirror at the end of my life and say I've done my share and I'm proud of what I've done. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅If you don't trust the roots of the modern music in Africa, then there's hope for that music at all. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅I collaborate with people because their music talk to me as much as mine talk to them. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅If you're on stage and you're more concerned about your dress, and then you think that the public is accessory, you got nothing to do there. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅I want everybody to be happy because, if you're happy, you are more open to other people. Don't let misery bring you down. /Angelique Kidjo
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  • ⋅Don't let misery bring you down. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅Even the most racist person make a very painful racial comment, give him a smile. It's better than you take a weapon on him because he's just gonna go like, "Oh." He's just being stupid. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅Telling my story is to empower people to believe in their own power. We have so much power individually. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅I never use someone just because they are great musicians. I work with people who have the same kind of feeling towards the music that I do, and the subject that I'm speaking of at that time. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅My legacy is not only about legacy, it's about how we as a human family learn to live together within our difference. /Angelique Kidjo
  • ⋅We cannot hurt ourselves just for the sake of it. When you hurt somebody you hurt yourself. Down the line, the ripple of it comes back to you. /Angelique Kidjo

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