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Фотография  X-WILD (photo  X-WILD)


группа на стыке спид-метал и пауэр-метал

A single grain of sand
That comes from savageland
It is more precious than the Duke
Will ever know
The beauty of our land
Is laid waste by his hand
All oЫr the world men sing sad songs tonight

We will fight – rise up for Savageland
We will die – for holy Savageland

A score of years ago
Our saviour he was born
Forefathers told us that one day
That he would come
The time it slips away
Braveheart's the man today
To wake the people and instil them one goal

Awake, for gods sake, rally to the battlements
We will give our lifes for Savageland
Awake, don't brake, guardians of light
We will give our lifes for Savageland

Call out with just one voice
And pray we will rejoice
We'll build an army that the evil cannot break
So hide the maides fair
We'll spike the tyras lair
He is an insult on the world of which
We'll rid

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