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Фотография  X-WILD (photo  X-WILD)

Born For War

группа на стыке спид-метал и пауэр-метал

Start up the engines
Release my dogs of war
Pump up the bloodlust
The heavens will be torn
Be blinded by my fury
With no mercy shown
The cut and thrust
Raw energy
Know my word is law

Send in my armies
My black chohorts
Send in my legions
And glory will be yours

My church has no religion
No need for sanity
I am the lord and master
Of all that i do see

Hail the Duke
We are yours
Hail the Duke
Born for war

So raise the banners
Blood is on the sword
Axes cleave into the skulls
Kllings my reward
Braveheart cant deny me
I am the rightful lord
We have to find the dragon "Moroth"
And put him to the sword

Onward my soliders
We have them on the run
The shout and screams of battle
"Meine GЅtterdЖmmerung"
In my name apocalypse
And atrocity
Before my throne of silvered stone
The vanquished
On their knees

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