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The Renaissance


The Renaissance

Фотография  The Renaissance (photo  The Renaissance)

Год рождения: 1969
Возраст: 50 лет



Did you see him there by the willows bending?
The moon's white shots fell like rain from on high
The love from his eyes floated, rivers unending
Into the sands where the spring of our hearts had run dry

Did you see him there and hear his soft calling?
The love sweet song rising from bottomless pain
The lord of our woes, on his wide shoulders falling
He bears in his mercy to break hatred's reign

Did you see him there in the ages of song?
His truth too simple for man to endure
I long to die for him there and I could not
And the dawns treat the sky with rose and azure

Did you see him there?
Did you see him there?
Did you see him there?
Did you see him there? ... there

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