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The Renaissance


The Renaissance

Фотография  The Renaissance (photo  The Renaissance)

Год рождения: 1969
Возраст: 50 лет

The Vultures Fly High


While in the streets of all our fears
They reign supreme as orders go
They are the last to have their say
And last to know it doesn't matter how you try
It doesn't matter what you say
They always watch with hollow eyes
To put you down they always find a way to criticise

[Chorus I:]
The vultures fly high
They circle over us all
The vultures fly high
I'll take your hand if you fall

All those who sheltered in their smile
Are scattered here from yesterday
And if the weak are left behind
They have to pay and though you haven't much to give
You know they take it, yours and mine
Sometimes it looks as though we lose
But then in time the finger points at them
The next in line

[Chorus I]

[Instrumental break]

[Chorus II:]
The vultures fly high
They circle over us all
The lonely sigh
I'll take your hand if you fall

[Chorus II 2x]

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