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The Renaissance


The Renaissance

Фотография  The Renaissance (photo  The Renaissance)

Год рождения: 1969
Возраст: 50 лет

Ashes Are Burning


Travel the days of freedom

Roads leading everywhere

Come with me now, and show how you care

Follow the dying embers

Cross on the paths they lay

Breath of the past, the earths yesterday

Colours are fading starlight

Silver the way to find

Walking the shadows, there in our mind

Changing the order slowly

Leaving the mist of time

Fingers are holding, fragments of mine


Clear your mind, maybe you will find

That the past is still turning

Circles sway, echo yesterday

Ashes burning, ashes burning

2nd Part:

Imagine the burning embers

They glow below and above

Your sins you won't remember

And all you'll find there is love

Ashes are burning brightly

The smoke can be seen from afar

So now you're seeing how far

Ashes are burning the way

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