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The Renaissance


The Renaissance

Фотография  The Renaissance (photo  The Renaissance)

Год рождения: 1969
Возраст: 50 лет

Chagrin Boulevard


Nothing to say
I see your face
Memories haunt me again
They'll always remain

Time spent, time that was lost
In love we all count the cost
I remember days that we spent together
Seem so far away


In time I may forget you
Or you may remember me
Till then I'll be living but lonely
Each face a stranger to me
For no other locked in another chagrin boulevard day

Watching the rain
My friend, once again
I stand in this room where we lay
Was it just yesterday?

Looking down to the street
At people embrace as they meet
I remember love that we shared together
Now you're far away


There's room for no other
I'll not spend another chagrin boulevard day
I miss you so much
Since you went away

Repeat first four lines of chorus three times

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