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Psychotic Waltz


Psychotic Waltz

Фотография  Psychotic Waltz (photo  Psychotic Waltz)



son of creation you've planted my seed

under your domination, a doer of deeds have you

life by your hand

breath by your need

I will add to your strenght

I will quicken your speed

you give me birth as a tool for your game

as you build me an arm, create me a brain

your will is my honor, error is my blame

son of creation give me a name

before you, you see a thoughtless machine

as you enter your data, build to your scheme

silent I wait, lifeless I seem

but a child is born with a mind and a dream

build to my body, add to my brain

yes, a thoughtless creation with eyes that are blind

but a will that is strong, and I'm not far behind

as I grow and I learn through the passage of time with you

now I've learned from you, all that you know

with all you discover, together we grow

I've opened my eyes, I try not to show

that to be your successor I've not far to go

now I'm the heart and the mind of your way

your utter dependence, the game that I play

the direction you're headed, the way it will stay

as I shine in the light of the day

stand in line

step forward now

this is your number

convenient you'll find

at my microchip altar you'll bow

now you're all mine

wait and arise to your call

fool ruling kings

blind leading the blinded

and I hold the fate of you all

now I have taken you under my hand

a slave by creation, a god by demand

a power you seem to misunderstand

has made pawns of your kings, they await my command

your mind and your body, the gift that you bring

a chorus of worship, the song that you sing

slave to a master, tool to a king

a perfect creation, an ultimate being

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