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Psychotic Waltz


Psychotic Waltz

Фотография  Psychotic Waltz (photo  Psychotic Waltz)

Spiral Tower


there a world who's smiling face

was spinning in circles out in space

on the day that the architects

have caused their plague of stone

turn the ancient land to street

spiral tower high defeats us

bursting out, standing tall

in lands we call our own

burst the dams with tidal waves

of twisting walls, each brick in place

into the dizzy heights the chase

but swaying in the wind

tearing, clawing, burning down

mountains hammered to the ground

building cities, building towns

not an inch of land unturned

still stand the eyes of all

gazing to the skies

breathless and still none the wise

of what they've really done

looking back to see the past

they win the race yet finish last

you suffer from the spell they've cast

spiral tower standing high

smashing all it passes by

earth lies bleeding starts to cry

no one cared to know

money, greed sees falling trees

all dropping to their sickly knees

found no cure for this disease

nowhere left to go

iron bars and bricks of stone

have left the earth picked to the bone

racing higher to the stars

the architects arise

shattering the sky

to stand a thousand miles high

as the shaking spiral tower

starts to fall to their surprise

burning are the eyes

wider just to see the skies

out of breath, none the wise

of what they've really done

a million light years from the past

we're stepping forward, moving back

there it falls to die

to be born again

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