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Psychotic Waltz


Psychotic Waltz

Фотография  Psychotic Waltz (photo  Psychotic Waltz)

Only In A Dream


there lies a dying sparrow

lying still with broken wings

till his eyes close to pass the night

and part the tears

he slips into a dream

see him fly o like an arrow

in the skies he rules as king

though he's never really left the ground

lord you should hear him sing

I can fly

o I can even touch the sun

chase me to the sun

run down his face, tears of a blind man

eyes that never seen the sun

waiting for the light of morning to come

to end this seemingly endless night

where is the light

I've never seen you

but I've seen your many faces

in my dreams

I have seen you

but I must fly away again

now dim his ears to silence

never heard a church bell ring

still his eyes are closed for evermore

still the chains are on his wings

lord hear him song

I'll cease to find the point in living

only if I cease to dream

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