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Psychotic Waltz


Psychotic Waltz

Фотография  Psychotic Waltz (photo  Psychotic Waltz)



Crawling into my head, mosquito, mosquito red

Pieces, diseases, floating in the greases, but they smile instead

Sting of the suckerfly

In the dead of the night

Ride on the wings of a dragonfly

Sleep by the candlelight

Sucking the gutter dry

Taking flight

Now they dance on the open eye

Pushing the needle to the tiny bite

Watching the circling sun, mosquito, mosquito run

Vision of a killing gun

They sing with the voices of the angles son

River is flowing

The bloody wind is blowing

The reaper they are sowing

And I don't believe that they are going

Crawling into my eye, mosquito, mosquito fly

Falling from the scientist slide

Eating at the walls from behind they hide

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