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Psychotic Waltz


Psychotic Waltz

Фотография  Psychotic Waltz (photo  Psychotic Waltz)

A Psychotic Waltz


sometimes I wonder what will ever become of me

and if life's worth it's living at all

sometimes I smile at the ones who think they've got life down

and they say that I'm living it wrong

as the days pass by

I watch as the net closes in

as they circle around in my head

turning and winding

in circles, in circles they spin

never ending beginning the end

look now sweet child

deep into my room

the door is open and the air is warm

close your eyes

feel the sweet, sweet symphony of sighs

sometimes it would feels so right

if the angels called me to the sky

sometimes it feels good just to be alive

though our paths are blind

I can see a lightened end on mind

still now I search

for the spirit that torments my soul

as the priest shields his face from the wind

looking at lost life and darkness

my eyes shall not see

makes me laugh when he calls it all sin

you're all slaves of the priest

and you'll just sing it over

and over, and over, and over

and over, and over, and over

and over

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