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Фотография  Nile (photo  Nile)

Год рождения: 1993
Возраст: 26 лет
Место рождения: Гринвилл, Южная Каролина, США

Lashed To The Slave Stick

Американская группа, играющая в стиле брутальный дэт-метал, техничный дэт-метал.

Fiends, Criminals, Slaves, Blasphemers
The Word of Ra is Against You
Ye are Fettered and Bound with Leather Straps
Helpless, Doomed, Wailing in Unendurable Torment
Lashed to the Forked Slave Stick
By the Neck
Abata Ankh t Khet
Neba t Steb Tcha
Ra Pronounceth the Formulae Against Thee
The Eye of Horus is Prepared to Attack Thee
Sekhmet Uttereth Words of Flame Against Thee and Pierceth Thy Breast
Your Evil Deeds Have Turned Against You
Your Plottings Have Come upon You
You Abominable Acts Have Come Upon You
The God Who Burns the Dead
Shall Leave You Smoldering in Exile from the Netherworld
The Gorer
Causes You to Howl like a Jackal in Anguish
You Doom Hath been Decreed by Ra
Your Unjust and Perverse Judgements are upon Yourselves
The Wickedness of Your Words of Cursing are upon You
It is You Who Hath Commited the Unnutterable and Wrought Iniquity in the Great Hall
Your Corruptible Bodies Shall be Cut to Pieces
Your Souls Shall have No Existence
Ye Shall Never Again See Ra as He Journeyeth in the Hidden Land
The Doom of Ra is upon You
Lashed to the Slave Stick
Abata t Khet
Abata Ankh t Khet
Neba t Steb Tcha

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