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Insane Clown Posse


Insane Clown Posse

Фотография  Insane Clown Posse (photo  Insane Clown Posse)

Год рождения: 1989
Возраст: 30 лет
Место рождения: Детройт, Мичиган, США


Хип-хоп дуэт


Ha Ha Ha!
Bitches, Ha!

[Old Dirty Bastard]
BITCH, at any moment, that's what I'll do
(You fucking bitches) I'll do it to you
And a few of your crew
at any moment (Yeah), that's what I'll do
(ICP, ODB) I'll do it to you
And a few of your crew

[1st Verse - Violent J]
What are you trying to do to me?
You wasn't true to me
When I was locked up you fucked something like 35 guys
(Rrrghh!) But I let that slide
'Cuz your ass is big, and your titties is fat
I wanted to FUCK THAT
I never gave a FUCK THAT, you put me through the courts (AND?)
And gave me genital warts
Now I stack my .9, I'm goin' for the knees
I'ma blow 'em out and give your neck a squeeze
(Aggghhh! Whoo!)As you're standing there, I'ma be like BITCH!
(Ha ha!)You know you done fucked up, right?

[Chorus- Violent J]
Girl you know I love you, but now you gotta die
(Now you gotta die, now you gotta die)
Girl you know I love you, but now you gotta DIE
(Never wanted it like that) [x2]

[2nd Verse- Old Dirty Bastard]
Bitch, don't talk about bitches I'm fucking them
Please no fat bitches I'm fucking slim
Unless it's one of those likes stroking my shit
I don't care 'bout how I'm fucking it
How much it costs, big fat...crackhead?
Ain't trying to hear all those words you said
Five minutes, bitch (ahhhh) and I came
Fuck your name, and from where you came

I don't give a fuck, bitch! I will kill you!
You Shaquita! You Belinda! You too Passion...BITCH!

(Ahhhhh....you bitches!!!)

[3rd Verse-

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