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Insane Clown Posse


Insane Clown Posse

Фотография  Insane Clown Posse (photo  Insane Clown Posse)

Год рождения: 1989
Возраст: 30 лет
Место рождения: Детройт, Мичиган, США

Dead End

Хип-хоп дуэт

The underworld watches in horror

As this marks the day that

3 of America's most notorious outlaws

Will be executed for their crimes

Together the states of Michigan and California

Will conduct the executions behind prison walls

The 3 prisoners are set to be executed by 3 separate methods

Electric chair, hanging, and firing squad

Midnight tonight will mark the first execution

Death waits in my cell I can smell him

Somebody tell him that I still breathe, leave

I'm alive I'll never see 25

Yet still I can feel, I'm real

When it all happened I was in the lime light

News, camera, gaven killer stamina

Another year I'm here but forgotten

Skin is rotting feeling old, cold

Motherfucker in a robe gonna sentence me to die in a metal chair

Fizzle my nut hair

Bad enough I'll be dead

Yet I'm tryin to figure out a way

To keep my eyes from poppin out my head

Oh they'll remember my ass

Twitchin, with my eyes drippin down the glass

Shaggy I think they're tryin to start a riot

And then it's Ice T but he don't seem fazed by it

I know the devil's waitin on me

But does God like him playin his role in killin me though

Lock me up until I die maybe

But you can never tell

We might sharing a cell in hell

Cause, my last request was

Let my homies smoke my ashes and catch a Violent J buzz

One more thing before you hit that switch

Please tell my momma that I'm sorry, I never

(Chorus x2)

Dead end no escape from it

Should've thought about that shit before you done it

Why? I, never wanna die

Don't nobody cry for me, it's only murder

The lights dimmed in my cell block

Cause all the power they got surged into one spot

J's chair hear him screamin, fully loaded

It was funny at first till his head exploded

It's something else for me

Another kill just as wicked

But cheaper on the light bill

It all starts with a thick rope

Make a noose and I'm gone

Stretch out my neck bone

Minutes left I think about my brother

When we was young...

Wait I don't have a brother

What the fuck?

My minds in a tangle

I wish somebody was here that I could strangle

I keep waking up on the floor

Cause I strangle myself but what the fuck for?

Haha starin at the cracks on the walls

Whistlin necks, fidgetin my balls

Kill me it'll still all be the same

Wicked clown juggalo phantom of the night train

What if I drop, but don't die

Tie weights to my legs

And give it another try

Still coming think of something, I speak

I'm not feelin so hot let's go for it next week

Didn't work, I pulled down my collar

At least they won't be hearin me holla

My neck shut

(Chorus x2)

Dead end no escape from it

Should've thought about that shit before you done it

Why? I, never wanna die

Don't nobody cry for me, it's only murder

A bit past 1:30 a.m. now

And the 3rd prisoner slowly makes his way

To the disignated spot on prison grounds

Where he will be executed by way of firing squad

I got seven bitches aiming at me

My backs against the wall

If I only had my strap then I could plug 'em all

Watch 'em fall

But they got my ass tied up behind this wall

So the homies can't ride up

Known killer in fact I killed the most

At random though some of them I planned 'em

Fuck it, I kicked your bucket for you, floor you

Got more guns if there's more of ya

War with the cops no prob

They shouldn't took the job

Blow holes throught they heads like donuts

Grown-ups, kids and girls

Gather round and get gunned down

I do it for the fun of it, adrenaline rush

Coked up quick to bust

Plus I love my dust

Gun son, watch the blood run son

I'm on one, muthafuckas

But check it this time I'll be the one dissected

I can't wait to feel the heat when lead and flesh meets

Bitter sweet baby, I been waiting for this

Go straight to hell kick it with the rest of my clique

Fuck a blindfold I wanna look 'em deep in they eyes

So they can see the fool's face of a dog as he dies

Plus I wanna see the muthafuckas squeeze

I got a hot date with my soul mate

Bust I can't wait

(Chorus x4)

Dead end no escape from it

Should've thought about that shit before you done it

Why? I, never wanna die

Don't nobody cry for me, it's only murder

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