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Фотография  Deftones (photo  Deftones)

Quotes of Deftones


  • ⋅I dont get fan mail. We get it, but it all goes to the record label, and I just dont ever see it. / Deftones
  • ⋅I looked at it a couple times and its like the same letter, and I really dont have the time to write back to people, but I do appreciate people being interested. / Deftones
  • ⋅Well, Stephen bikes, and Abe skates. He used to skateboard with me, he doesnt really do it too much anymore. / Deftones
  • ⋅My skateboard actually got stolen yesterday and I want to give a shout out to the person who stole it. / Deftones
  • ⋅A big you to the mother who climbed in my bus and took my skateboard out of it. / Deftones
  • ⋅I like to make videos because I like to see visuals to our music, but the last video was just what our record label thought what was MTV wanted to see, and I will never ever ever do that again. / Deftones
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  • ⋅Our label [Maverick] is really cool, they dont really tell us to do anything, but this last video we made they finally asked a favor of us, and it was a really one sided version of what we are all about. / Deftones
  • ⋅It was all this artsy, gay shit, and Im not really into that. / Deftones
  • ⋅Im more into the harsh, brash parts of life that are just reality. / Deftones
  • ⋅Im about to make a video myself and direct it for a song called "Around the Fur" it be just crazy, and MTV Im sure wont play it because you cant show that kind of stuff on TV. / Deftones
  • ⋅Don't wanna take it slow / Deftones
  • ⋅I wanna take you home / Deftones
  • ⋅Watch the world explode / Deftones
  • ⋅From underneath your glow / Deftones
  • ⋅Yea I wanna watch the way... / Deftones
  • ⋅You creep across my skull... / Deftones
  • ⋅You slowly enter cause you know my room / Deftones
  • ⋅I wanna watch you close I need to see for sure / Deftones
  • ⋅Then the tape is on. Who do you think we can show? / Deftones
  • ⋅I'd give anything for you / Deftones
  • ⋅Diamonds rain across the sky / Deftones
  • ⋅Shower me into the same realm / Deftones
  • ⋅Calculate I'll embrace / Deftones
  • ⋅Hold on, come with me now / Deftones
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  • ⋅Run away outer space with me once and for all / Deftones
  • ⋅When the coffin shakes and the needle breaks / Deftones
  • ⋅Come run away with me. / Deftones
  • ⋅Come on you'll see once and for all / Deftones
  • ⋅Time will lead us to the same realm / Deftones
  • ⋅I will lead us to the same realm / Deftones
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