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Crest Of Darkness


Crest Of Darkness

Фотография  Crest Of Darkness (photo  Crest Of Darkness)

From The Shadows


They know that you are wondering
But they can't give you any answers
Blinded by the words of their holy god
They believe that you are insane

You are feeling lonely, but you are not alone
You are the feeling weak, but you don't know

So much sorrow. So much hate. For what reason?

You are feeling scared, but you will soon understand
You are the someone special, but you don't know

A diabolical possession?
The hypocritical priests are filling your head with lies
Afraid of the truth; afraid of loosing control
They are hiding their weakness behind empty words

From the shadows. From the deep of your soul
You are the finding a reason to live

It's not supposed to be easy, but you have no choice
If you want to realise your dreams

By following your path you are becoming a scapegoat
In a world on it's way to damnation

They do call you a traitor
They do call you their enemy
In their eyes you are nothing
But a threat to their society

Tell no lies! That's what you've always heard
In god we trust! It's just a parody!

Nameless fear. Anxiety. What lies behind?

Tell no lies! Words in a world of liars
Open your eyes and you will see!
Heard about the blind leading the blind?!

So much sorrow. So much hate
For what reason?

Nameless fear. Anxiety. What lies behind?

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