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Cradle Of Filth


Cradle Of Filth

Фотография  Cradle Of Filth (photo  Cradle Of Filth)

Год рождения: 1991
Возраст: 28 лет
Место рождения: Ипсвич, Саффолк, Великобритания

The Smoke Of Her Burning

Английская металл-группа

Earth and sea cower from my screams

As I climb into the skies

Atop sins towered heaven high for me

From whence I see no reason why

I should not smite with vengeance

And hurl thieves down from paradise

For storms before were as nothing more

Than a breeze next to this night

I am Methuselah of the Tribulation

The Moonchild come to harm

A riot of stars shaken from their station

The choking smoke of Jerusalem burning

Six vices become wrath

And though half-blind with ravening

Like Phineus now I see

The end declared from the beginning

Love won through my defeat

But now I fear I will never peer

On Her radiance again

I shall glimpse instead, the slurried red

Of faces pressed to bloodstained panes

Betrayed and played by God

Who alone but He

Scapegraced and goated me?

Now I wish to piss on His parade

Angels, clawed with burnished wings

Still loyal, kiss the seal

Bent on knees and harrowing

Promise overkill

Know that you shall die like whores

And the cries of your writhings shall rise

To please their Lord...

So before the sword

Side with me in slaughter

I am Methuselah of the Tribulation

The Moonchild come to harm

The spoken horns of desolation

Drink the pouring of my fury

Those darkened waters spur

The brink of war as my judge and jury

And rapist executioner

Our time is short, the horsemen ride

A foul-breathed chora howls, besides

Damnation and a day has passed

This divine right to genocide

Weld the gates to heaven shut

The abyss leers in hissing ruts

Unhilt the black grimoire of death

Inscribe all names that God has left

I lived the drams of nymphs and men

But now the nightmares come again

Now the nightmares come again...

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