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Cradle Of Filth


Cradle Of Filth

Фотография  Cradle Of Filth (photo  Cradle Of Filth)

Год рождения: 1991
Возраст: 28 лет
Место рождения: Ипсвич, Саффолк, Великобритания

Queen Of Winter Throned

Английская металл-группа


I share Carmilla's mask

A gaunt mephitic voyeur

On the black side of the glass

Peering through the mirror

Deep dark and ominous

Consorting themes, demons I weave

Subservience from thee to lust

I am Corinthian light

A snake in flowers by night

The last temptation of Christ

Evil in mortal...

Disguise the guilt

Sharp-eyed, impassive whore

Burn the asafoetida

and rank petriachor

Lure me panthered Faustia

With cunt and veiled womb

To prowl thy inner sanctum walls

In Tirgoviste to resume


Seduction, my obsessive art

A pantheon of tragedies inscribed upon the stars

Like thistled ruin, garbed around thy heart

Bacchanal Cinderella, desirious midnight passed

Leaving thee as sacrifice asleep within my arms

Midst dreams of robed redemption versed in sexual aftermath

When we ebb as tides together, carnal souls entwined

And orgasms expire, come puppet wires and the blind


Fires work in me

A lithe supremacy

I tear asunder heaven as I would all enemies

Impaler Lord

Flesh upon the sword

My lower lusts are sated, the greater herald war

I am thirst, spearheaded hunger

Sacrament and pain

Nails raked in savagery

When the cruel Countessa came


The Queen of death-white winter enthroned

Evil resplendent, in dusk red seething skies

Foam-flecked nightmares drag a moon

Of Draconian design

A love that never dies

Nefarious as her winds

Stirring silhouettes to rise

When stars fall pale

And to drown back in Her eyes

Is to madden ghosts within

To unhinge a thousand sins

From Death's dark vale

"Blessed be these spells of winter

Unto us that wait with patience in

This secret garden

To storm our way into another

As yes undone"


Desert claims Eden

And Hyperborean

Visions of Utopia are driven from the sun


Before thee angels clasped

In nakedness their ochre flesh

Shall yield to thy advance

She is all to me

Mysterious, alive

The howling in the deep woods

When cold festal stars aligned

A lurid moon looms; phosphorent, evil

Yesod vested in despotic upheaval

Silvering wolves that scarlet forest snow

Forgotten ones enter as above, so below

The trees groan aghast as ghostly pallored clouds are rent

When the drunken earth heaves, sweep aside seas to ascend

From Sheol's dank haunted wilderness

Thy seal upon Nuit's starry vault to incense the sleepers, dead

Queen of Winter, throned

The murderess lurked in vulgar caresses

Vestal masturbation

(Purity) Overthrown


In raven feathered dress

Sides with Death at chess

Their pawns are many and the enemy


When the miscreants fell dead

She took to conjuring spells in the cusp of the night

And the bestial floor shook with terrible life

I rise before thee Queen

To feed our lusts on the blood of the weak

To rule heaven and worlds crawling beneath

Satanic Tyranny

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