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Blind Guardian

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The Morning Sun of Dune

The Morning Sun of Dune

(Lead: Andre)

The holy war's

waiting for

the morning sun (3x)

The morning sun of Dune

there's no tomorrow

the apparation of this land and it's dream

makes me feel I've seen it before

I can taste there's life

everywhere you can find

in the desert of my life

I see it again and again

(Lead: Andre)

And again, again, again, again

dark tales has brought the Dijahd

like whispering echos in the wind

and I'm a million miles from home


Traveler in Time

knowing that there's no rhyme

(Lead: Andre)

The morning sun is near

first light of dawn is here

the morning sun is near again

The Fremen sing that

their kingdom will come

and I'm the leading one

battlefields on our crusade

filled with Sardokaurs

killing machines crying

in raising fear they're hiding

Where do we go now?

So where is the way?

When I'm a million miles from home


(Solo: Andre)

The morning sun I feel

all pain and sorrow

the apparation of my words in these days

makes me feel I've told them before

all my plans will come true

I'll controll destiny

in the desert of my life

I've seen it again and again

(Lead: Andre)

By my dreams I must find a way

to stop the raging war

I've to choose now

I will leave

my body and seek

and time will stand still

when I've to leave

my body and find

a way back to the world I love

when I'm a million miles from home


(Solo: Andre)

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