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Blind Guardian


Blind Guardian

Фотография  Blind Guardian (photo  Blind Guardian)

White Room


In a white room

With black curtains

Near the stations

Blackroof country

No gold pavements

Tired starlings

Silver horses

Ran down moonbeams

In your dark eyes

Dawn-light smiled

On you leaving

My contentment

I'll wait in this place

Where the sun never shines

Wait in this place

Were the shadows run from themselves

You said no things

Could secure you

At the station

Platform tickets

Restless diesels

Goodbye windows

In walked into

such a sad time

At the station

As I walked out

Felt my own need

Just beginning

I'll wait in the queue

When the trains come back

Lie with you

Where the shadows run from themselves

At the party

She was kindness

In the hard crowd


For the old wounds

Now forgotten

Yellow tigers

Crouched in jungles

In het dark eyes

She's just dressing

Goodbye windows

Tired starlings

I'll sleep in this place

With the lonely crowd

Life in the dark

Where the shadows run from themselves

(I Love You Caro

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