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Blind Guardian


Blind Guardian

Фотография  Blind Guardian (photo  Blind Guardian)



A black swan

Is born that night

The misty pond

(Has) got a new king

Got a new king

So what can we do

With our lives

When it all begins

It's hard and

It's cruel

Will grace die in pain?

Will light ever rise again?

I'm trapped in darkness

Still I reach out for the stars

I'm moving in silence

I leave it all far behind


Oh at dawn

I'll face the edge of thorns

Oh at dawn

I'll pray at the edge of thorns

Oh at dawn

I'll face the edge of thorns

Let us march on

To the fields of sacrifice

(I'm) wondering why

I'll carry on

Will I betray myself

To rise

In the silence

It's time to explain


Search for truth in lies

Useful lies

Needless love's damned

What can we do with our lives

When it all begins


Come follow me

And you will see

How it will be

When all the pain is gone away


Let us march on

Though there's no hope at our side

Let us be brave

Though by glory we are denied


Don't you think

It's time for us

To bring to an end

Come play the song of death

The wisdom in us both

Will make it

Special guaranteed

Play the song of death

I'm lost in the depths of his eyes

I can't flee

Inner pain caused insanity

It's deep within

The fear and the hunger

Enslaved and denied

By my love and my enemies

I'm the illgotten son


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