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Blind Guardian


Blind Guardian

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Imaginations From The Other Side (Live)


Where are these silent faces

I took them all

They all went away

Now you're alone

To turn out every light so deep in me

Hold on Too late

Will I ever see them back again

Or did they all die by my hand

Or were they killed by the old evil ghost

Who had taken

The ocean

Of all my dreams

Which were worth to keep

Deep inside my heart

I wish I

Could get them back

From the everflow

Before they'll fade away

Imaginations from the other side

Far out of nowhere it got back to my mind

Imaginations from the other side

Far out of nowhere it got back to my mind

Out of the dark

Back to the light

Then I'll break down

The walls around my heart

Imaginations from the other side

Where's the ocean's daughter

Was Peter Pan in Mordor

Noone's there to keep alive

All these fairy tales

May I return to Oz

Will I meet the "Tin Man"

"Coward Lion" where are you

Without brain the scarecrow's lost

In the middle of the lake

Stranded in the real world

Left in a world

No place for daydreams

Serious life

I fall into

I fall into a dark hole

And I can't come out

Do you know if Merlin did exist

Or Frodo wore the Ring

Did Corum kill the gods

Or where's the Wonderland

Which young Alice had seen

Or was it just a dream

I knew the answers

Now they're lost for me

I hope there is a way back

With my talisman

So I look into myself

To the days when I was just a child

Come follow me to Wonderland

And see the tale that never ends

Don't fear the lion, nor the witch

I can't come back

I'm lost but still I know

There is another world

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